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Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center staff is available to help you with any questions about this website or your rights as a victim of crime. 

Crime Victims Rights Toolkit

Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center has created an online, self-help tool to educate crime victims about their rights and help victims to enforce those rights. Please visit the  to learn more about your rights as a crime victim and what you can do on your own to enforce those rights. Nothing you enter while using the Toolkit is communicated to Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center staff, and the Toolkit is not a request for assistance. Please remember, using the Toolkit does not make you a client of Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center, and nothing in the toolkit is legal advice or establishes a legal relationship. 

Request for Assistance

If you still need help after visiting the Toolkit, you can fill out a request for assistance by clicking on “Next Page” at the bottom of this page. Fill out and submit this request if you believe your rights as a crime victim have been violated and would like OCVJC to consider taking your case. Please remember that using this website does not make you a client of Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center. All requests are reviewed and responded too within 24 hours (excluding weekends).


By continuing to submit this form, you agree that our review of the information contained in the Request for Assistance and any attachments that you submit in a good faith effort to seek our services will not preclude any lawyer in Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center from representing a party in any matter where that information is relevant, even if that information is highly confidential and could be used against you, unless that lawyer has actual knowledge of the content of the Request for Assistance. We will otherwise maintain the confidentiality of your information. Please note that certain documents, such as police incident reports and most court records are public record in the State of Ohio and turning these records over to the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center does not change their public record status.

Non-discrimination Policy

The Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center does not deny service to crime victims on the basis of sex, color, national origin, age, disability, race, and religion. Anyone who believes that she/he has been discriminated against based on their membership in one of these protected classes may file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights within 180 days of the date on which the discrimination took place. The OCR regional office for Ohio can be reached at: (312) 886-2359.