Ohio Attorney General’s Crime Victim Compensation Program

If you are a victim of crime, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Our victim advocates are available to help you connect with the Crime Victim Compensation Program,

a reimbursement program provided by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office collected from offender fines.

Who may be eligible to file a claim

  • Victims injured as result of a violent crime

  • Dependents of homicide victims

  • Claimants who are responsible for crime victims’ expenses, such as parents or guardians

Who may not be eligible to file a claim

  • Offenders or accomplices of offenders

  • Victims who have a felony conviction, or a child endangering or domestic violence conviction, within ten years prior to the crime or while the claim is pending

  • Anyone who engaged in a felony offense of violence or felony drug trafficking, within 10 years prior to the crime or while the claim is pending

  • Anyone who, at the time of the crime, engaged in felony drug possession

  • Victims whose crimes are not reported to law enforcement

  • Victims who do not fully cooperate with law enforcement

  • Victims who committed criminal or tortious acts that contributed to their injuries

Examples of claims that may be covered

  • Medical and related expenses

  • Counseling for victim and immediate family members of victims of homicide, sexual assault, or domestic violence

  • Wages lost because of the crime

  • Crime scene cleanup for personal security such as doors and windows

  • The cost to replace items taken as evidence

  • The cost to replace items of clothing damaged as a result of medical treatment or assessment

  • Payment for hearing aids, eyeglasses or other vision aids, dental appliances, teeth or other dental aids, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and other mobility equipment if broken during the crime

  • Lost wages and travel expenses (mileage and parking) for family members of a deceased victim to attend court proceedings

  • Financial support for dependents of a deceased victim

  • Funeral and burial expenses

Return all applications and tracking forms to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. To check your status on your claim please call the victim services section of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at 800-582-2877. OCVJC is a completely separate nonprofit that has no influence on the decisions of paying a claim.