OCVJC Statistics

Victims Served

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and explain the process to me. I am grateful and relieved to know that my case is going in the direction it is suppose to be going. This has helped me in a major way for just my peace of mind.
— Victim

Victims served by crime in 2018

Everyone I worked with at OCVJC was incredibly friendly and helpful. I really, really appreciate everything they did!
— Victim

Victims Served in 2018

I worked with a staff attorney who was very sweet and informative. She answered many of my questions and overall eased my mind about the process as a whole, (I was a nervous wreck before talking to her). She ended up referring me to someone who has experience dealing with my specific needs, and I feel a lot more confident going into my upcoming trial. It has been a positive experience working with OCVJC.
— Victim

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