OCVJC Services

We take a stand for the rights of crime victims. We provide free legal representation and help to navigate the criminal justice process if a crime victim’s rights have been violated.

Services we provide

Our attorneys and advocates provide the following services:

  • Education to crime victims on their specific rights
  • Representation of victims in criminal court
  • Training for victims, criminal justice officials, victim advocates, SANE nurses, and the community across the state of Ohio
  • Investigation of victims’ rights violations
  • Referrals for victims and survivors to applicable resources for additional assistance
  • Assistance to victims with preparation of impact statements and restitution paperwork
  • Title IX cases with an accompanying criminal case
  • Visas for victims of human trafficking (T-visa)
  • Immigration assistance for eligible battered spouses, children, and parents (VAWA Self-petition)

To seek help with victims' rights enforcement, please complete our Request for Assistance form.


Free Legal representation

Ohio victims have rights during the criminal justice process. If your rights are violated, OCVJC can help. Click below to complete our Request for Assistance form.


self-help rights enforcement

The Victims Rights Toolkit is a self-help legal resource designed to help crime victims learn about and exercise their rights.


additional assistance

There are other services that are provided by the state of Ohio and other organizations that may be available to you.


Thank You

Thank you for allowing OCVJC to assist in your case. We hope we provided you with valuable information and assistance.

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