2019 Models of Justice Nomination Guidelines

Nomination Deadline is april 12th

The “Model of Justice” Awards were created to honor and celebrate criminal justice system officials, advocates, survivors, other service providers, and community members who have worked diligently to ensure the rights of crime victims are protected and enforced throughout the criminal justice process. 

Nomination Guidelines

Each submission must include full name, email address, and phone number of both nominator and nominee. If nominating an organization, program, or team, please provide the above requirements for the individual(s) who would accept the award.

A headshot of nominee must be provided to ModelsOfJustice@ocvjc.org after the form is submitted.

You may nominate one or more candidates.

Nominee must serve Ohio crime victims at the state or federal level.

Candidates nominated, but not selected, in previous years are eligible for consideration. But, previous award recipients are not eligible for subsequent awards. 

Write clearly, directly, and include pertinent details without including extraneous or unrelated information.

Ensure that all information submitted is accurate.

If your nominee is chosen, OCVJC will contact each of you with the next steps for the award process.

Nominee guidelines

Ensure that all information submitted is accurate.

If selected, OCVJC will contact each of you with the next steps for the award process.

If selected, the nominee agrees to:

  • Be available for the event on 5/19/2019 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

  • Allow the general use by the media and posting to OCVJC social media and website of their pictures, digital images, videotapes, and other media materials and recordings. Media is invited to the event.

  • The public dissemination of their biographical information, including award-related personal and/or professional stories.

I would like to nominate a:


Forensic Nurse


Crime victims’ attorney


Law Enforcement



Media Representative

Community Partner

Do not submit confidential information in this form. Submitting this form does not create an attorney-client relationship with OCVJC or any OCVJC attorney. The information you submit in this form is not covered by attorney-client privilege or VOCA confidentiality. OCVJC may share this information with anyone for any reason.

If you need legal assistance, do not fill out this form, please fill out our intake form..